Male Breast Reduction

Male breast reduction (Gynecomastia) is a very common condition found in almost half of the male population. This procedure will remove any excessive fat, skin or glandular tissue. The procedure offers a firmer, flatter appearance to the chest area. Boosting your self-esteem and confidence. Scarring is typically very minimal and fades over time.

Procedure Description:

The procedure is done on an outpatient basis under intravenous anesthesia here at the surgery center. Excess breast tissue or fat can be removed with liposuction, excision, or a combination of both.

Recuperation and Healing:

You will go home several hours after surgery to be cared for by a friend or relative. A compression vest or chest wrapping is usually indicated for a week or two after surgery to help reduce swelling. Initial discomfort is controlled with oral pain medication. Sutures are usually removed in 7-14 days. Scars will usually fade in 6-12 months. Remember everyone heals differently.

Other Options:

An additional procedure that would enhance the result is Liposuction of the axillary area to reduce excess fat deposits.